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Jobs Without Barriers

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About JWB

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Jobs without Barriers is an innovative concept founded by Helene Richert in 2014, which provides FREE job support assistance to jobseekers in the comfort of their homes in Melbourne and Victoria. 

The assistance is provided to the jobseekers to find work and overcome employment barriers such as language, disability and returning to work from injury and parental leave.

Our services are tailored to meet the jobseekers needs in areas such as current employability skills, communication skills, interview coaching by role playing, resume strategic targeting and reverse marketing and so much more.

We are a small dedicated qualified team who understand that time is a factor when "job hunting", therefore we utilize a client centred strength-based approach with our assessments. It focuses on future outcomes and strengths that our clients bring to a problem rather than just focusing on the problem. Our consultants work with jobseekers to empower and motivate, to strengthen and inspire ensuring Jobs without Barriers organizational values are maintained and practised.   

Our goal in 2015 is to help YOU achieve your goal of finding that perfect job. We all have to start somewhere, and somewhere starts HERE!