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The Cost of Outsourcing Overseas Jobs

Posted on 5 March, 2015 at 1:45 Comments comments (0)

It is extremely distressing when Australian companies outsource jobs overseas as the level of unemployment rises.


The cost of outsourcing jobs to line ones pockets with increased profits will be the disillusionment of our youth and unemployed. As Australians we need to make a stance with companies that prefer to outsource than to provide gainful employment to one of our 750,000 unemployed.


How we can make a stance is by NOT supporting such organizations, businesses and corporations.


If you receive a phone call from an operator trying to sell you a course, a product or service ask them - what country am I speaking too and what is the name of the company you represent? You then have a choice to make. Do YOU give your money to a company that  promotes values and ethics on their wall, but is morally bankrupt by outsourcing work therefore denying employment opportunities in Australia,  or do YOU decide to hang onto your hard earned dollars and find an Australian company that employs Australians?


Australians must be made accountable to our growing crisis and how we as a nation will respond to this un-necessary crisis, if only Australians businesses would employ Australian's rather than outsource overseas.


Example: iEducate is an education broker, providing clients with the broadest range of diploma-level courses by partnering with a number of VET FEE-HELP Approved Registered Training Organization around the nation. They are an Australian company that has offices in Adelaide and Brisbane. Adelaide has one of the nations highest levels of unemployment and yet iEducate outsource the call centre to generate lead to Singapore for Government Funded courses.


I encourage companies to look at the perils of outsourcing jobs overseas. The rise in Mental Health as a direct consequence such as depression at not been able to find a job. We all shake our heads about the rising cost of Newstart and yet do little to decrease the costs by employing Australians. We are heading towards becoming a 3rd world nation dependant upon welfare to exist, whilst our former 3rd world nations are becoming richer at the expense of the unemployed.


Our children when they leave secondary school and University will want a job - what do we say to them? We are either for our nation by employing Australians or against it by outsourcing!


Which are you?


Posted on 25 February, 2015 at 2:00 Comments comments (0)

This blog is for and about the unemployed. 

So, a little about myself, I am the founder and director of Jobs without Barriers, which was created due to my own personal experiences as an unemployed person many times over due to retrenchments.

It got to a point where I could smell retrenchment months in advance and I was never wrong....the "when you have a minute can you come into my office" invitation by the Human Resources manager or my employer, sent goosebumps and butterfiles fluttering in my stomach as I knew what was coming next and it was not pay rise!

Many of us in today's economic climate and fast changing world, will have experienced the dreaded retrenchment. If you are a seasoned pro like myself, you wake up one morning and say "I no longer give an employer the power to control my future!" Instead I decided to invest in myself to pursue my dreams and visions to become my reality. 

Been short term unemployed is the goal for most people, to find another job within the week or even month, taking time for a holiday and then dive right into your next even better job. However the reality is that finding a job can take months, even a year is quite the norm.

So how to deal with unemployment?  Well I would say to you that this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your position. Where you happy doing your previous role or did you have a dream of something bigger and better? And if working for yourself is not your calling, then what is? What are your interests and passions and can it be harnesed into your next job as an incentive to employ you?

Our posts will discuss issues relating to unemployment as well as potential solutions such as job openings not only with us, but also with other organizations.

Jobs without Barriers will also reaching out to Hair salons throughout Melbourne to provide their final year students to provide free haircuts and styles to our clients as part of our services.

Jobs without Barriers is for you and about you, so please post and share your suggestions and ideas with the community and remember "We all have to start somewhere and somewhere starts HERE!"