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Jobs Without Barriers

Employment Support That Comes to YOU!

Jobseeker Support Service

Resume, Career development, skills assessment

Jobs without Barriers provides Jobseeker support service assistance for people with disability, unstable work history, returning to work Mums and migrants with language barriers.  

Our Jobseeker support service is provided to you in the comfort of your home in Melbourne and the Greater CBD. 

2 hour appointments will address the following;

  • Resume, Job Applications, Selection Criteria
  • Using social media outlets to find jobs/career
  • Reverse Marketing, Finding non-advertised jobs
  • Marketing your skills, attributes and aptitudes
  • Education and Training Option
  • Interview skill buildings
Goal Setting Strategy and Targeting jobs, Reverse Marketing

Ask yourself how long have you been looking for a job? And how many job applications have you submitted to the ratio of responses or interviews?

Do you have a strategy in place? Are you randomly applying or are you TARGETING a specific industry?

We work with you to prepare a plan of action, with realistic and manageable strategies in place to achieve your goals using the Smart method.

Reviewing your current skills and ask yourself the following questions;

1. Are my current skills sufficient or do I need to up-skill?

2. When was the last time I undertook professional development training?

3. Could I be looking at memberships for associations and organizations as a networking tool?

4. Could I be looking at joining a networking site to expand on employment opportunities?

5. Do I have a portfolio of my recent work to provide an employer my industry skills and abilities?

6. Are my referees current and contactable?

To be successful at an interview you need to have conducted your research and preparation by ensuring that your resume is current and relevant to the position. So lets drive you to.......

Making 2015 Your Year!